Importance of initial Google AdWords campaign setup

In this article I will briefly refer to one case with which we have met. It is about the client who more than a year ago decided we should set up his AdWords campaign and be in charge of it for few months. After these few months it was decided to disconnect clients AdWords account from Escape MCC (for us every client is the owner of his AdWords account and can at any time “disconnect” from us).

Recently there has been a re-cooperation with the same client where we got access to the same AdWords account that we have previously set up (more than a year ago). After a short overview of all settings in AdWords campaign but also overview of all the results that are achieved in that time we came to the conclusion that there could be some improvements. However, we were pleasantly surprised with the achieved results of this campaign during that year in which we were not involved.

In short, below you can see some information for this client who advertises on different markets (countries). The period in which we did not have access to the campaign is between July of 2013 until mid-September of 2014.


AdWords change history

The image above shows a report from the Change History. Here we can see who was, and if, doing any changes on the campaign itself. What we can see is that there were not too many changes on the actual campaigns during this time. Campaigns were active in the way we had it set up during initial set-up.


adwords results 2013-2014


On the picture above we see the results which the campaign achieved during this period. If we consider that it was advertising in several foreign markets where competition is strong, we can conclude that the campaign had very good results. Very low cost of clicks (around 0.35€), big CTR but also good average position that was held during that time just shows how the campaign was well set-up & managed at the very beginning.


analytics results of campaign 2013-2014


Data from the Analytics only confirms that all campaigns in this AdWords account were well set from the beginning when it comes to targeting users and targeting specific keywords and/or phrases. These claims are proven with data from bounce rate, number of pages viewed per session and the average duration of visits per user – all of these data are better than average data for the entire web page.


How the Adwords campaigns behaved over time?

First of all let’s look at how the cost-per-click price ranged during this time.


cpc adwords campaigns 2013


As we can see, for the first 6-7 months, price was stable around 2.55kn (0.3€), in the second period price moved upwards and was about 3kn (0.4€).


ctr adwords campaigns 2013


The above graph shows that the CTR (click-through rate on the ads in regard to number of showed adds) initially went up the for first 3-4 months but then stabilized at slightly below 10 %, which is not bad.


position adwords ads 2013


The graph above shows the average position. Initially it was increasingly improved and nearly come close to the position 2 but then rose and stayed a little under 3.5.

We can conclude that after first six months the client lost an average position that he had. Also, cost per click went up after first 6 months. The good thing is that CTR remain almost the same during entire period. In conclusion, if we consider that there was done almost nothing on this campaign during this period – the achieved results are excellent.


Can we make even better AdWords campaigns?

We can, of course. Maybe not for double improvements but some improvements can be expected ;). It should be noted that the AdWords system actively changes over time and new things are introduced that can help us in the management of the campaign and achieving results. Further pictures show very briefly what happened when we took over the campaign.


cpc adwords campaigns 2014


Immediately visible was a reduction in the price of clicks on the entire account. This was achieved by additional structuring of specific campaigns and redistribution of the budget.


position of adwords ads 2014


At the same time, besides CPC reduction, we managed to achieve better positions. Now it is at an average position of 2.

Data on CTR was not put in as it moves generally the same as before, so there are no excessive changes.

As it can be seen, the proper initial setup of the campaign, as well as its “initial optimization” of at least first 2-3 months can lead to such a campaign which we can “forget” for the next year 😉 . Of course, we do not suggest that you completely forget your AdWords campaign – it has to be checked regularly.

How are your campaigns settings? If you are not sure – you can always contact us if you want an audit – overview of the campaigns.

Note – measurement of any conversion was not set in the account. Unfortunately, in order to measure conversion properly, it would be necessary to make certain demanding changes to the client website that would entail high costs that are not in his annual investment plan.

Good AdWords campaign – but no results?

Sometimes we encounter situations in which we made all that is needed ​​in clients Adwords campaign but, simply put, in the end the results are non-existent. What many forget is that the AdWords system exists to bring the “appropriate targeted” users to your website. We bring “potential” customers who are interested in an offer that your web page shows them – will then these “potential” users convert into “true” customers does not depends on us. Converting users into customer depends only on you – and your website.


Design is one of the most important things on the website. The design must always be focused on what is the main goal of the website – getting new clients. If the user finds your page for the first time and if  “at first sight” it is not clear what your web page is all about – then you’ve probably lost him right away. Some of the things to watch out in web design are:


  • simplicity of orientation – the user always has to know “where he is” on web page and how to get to what he wanted to find out
  • transparency – the website must be clean and clutter-free
  • sometimes “less” is actually “more” – do not overwhelm users with unnecessary information, give him only what is necessary and what will interest him (the same can be applied to offers – do not immediately show him all the offers that you have – instead give him yours best 3 or 4 offers with the ability to see other offers if he is interested)
  • emphasizing what you want the user to do – for example if you have a web shop, you might want to highlight in other colors button for “purchase”
  • emphasizing of your advantages/additional benefits for users – similar to the above text, only here we mean all those advantages that you have over the competition (like price or free shipping)
  • consistency – make sure you whole website follows a specific “theme”


These are just some of the things to watch out for when you design a website. But apart from these, it would be good to keep an eye on some technical things (for example was there incorporated one of the analytical tools to monitor how users behave when they get to your website).

Using Google Analytics, we can see how much time users spend on your website. In addition we can also see how many users are abandoning your web page immediately as they found themselves on it. These data can show us how well the website is made and if it “immediately” conveys the right message what this web page is about.


bounce rate of analytics channels


As we can see in the picture above, we can immediately see how users behave when we divide them by channels from where they came (direct, organic & paid channel). So right away we can compare which of the channels is better and which is not so good. In addition, one should be aware that today we see more and more users who use their cell phones and tablets in surfing the Internet.


mobile users in analytics


In the case above we see that approximately one third of all users come from mobile devices (for that client). However, if we look at some data about those users, we will see that they are generally worse than the “desktop” and “tablet” users. It is very important that in these day and age you have a website that is compatible with cell phones – responsive website!


Check your webpage for opportunities for improvement


One of the important things is the speed of the website – its loading time or, should we simply say, the speed of downloading it in our browser. There can be found various studies that show if your website does not load within the first 4-6 seconds – you will lose majority of your potential users who will not wait for web page to fully load.


Page load time by device


There are several services in which you can check the “speed” of your website, we suggest a tool from Google itself, which is located at this link. The good thing is that you immediately get suggestions what you should change on your website to make it go faster.


Speedtest of web page


In addition, it would be very helpful to monitor users during the process of buying things/services. From where most of them enter the system of purchase (shopping cart, booking system, etc.) or on which of the steps most of them give up and leave the process. Sometimes, it happens that already on the first step most of potential customers give up and leave. Check out all the steps, see what can be changed on the website (every individual step in buying) or even remove some of the steps to improve the conversion of users in customers.


Funnel visualization


These are just some of the things that clients should look out for and are related to the behaviour of their website. For all other information, I suggest you contact some of the SEO or web agencies that will make a detailed analysis of all the shortcomings of your website.

Our mission is to bring to your website, thru advertising campaigns, the most relevant users (those who are interested in your offer), but it is not our task to transform them into customers. It is the task of your website, and that’s the reason why it must be correctly made​​.


If you want to check how your AdWords campaign is made, ​​as well as other information about the “success” of the campaign – contact us.