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August 26, 2016

DataStudio how to create a Google Analytics Custom Channel Grouping

Google DataStudio is an excellent addition to the Google Suite tool arsenal which deals with the reporting / exploration part. ¬†A much more complex system than what we are used to with Google Analytics Dashboards yet still really easy to use! The product is still in Beta but looks very […]

Google Analytics

July 29, 2016

Connecting products and categories with Google Analytics MCF API Intro

  How to track specific product purchased by name, id, category or similar and tie the sales to the MCF API data (Multi Channel Funnel)? – as an example: Black T-shirt was bought with this purchase path Organic Search > Paid Search > Social Network¬†inside 5 days with total conversion […]

Google Analytics

February 24, 2016

Brand Campaign as measure of Brand awareness

  This is not another typical blog post about whether it is better or not to advertise for brand words. This post talks about the brand campaign that was used to track “level of brand awareness” for one of our clients. This campaigns was also used to monitor the behaviour […]

Google AdWords

February 22, 2016

Quick tips to evaluate AdWords based on Profit in Google Analytics

In this article I will try to explain 2 methods which allow a more ‘accurate’ base of evaluating AdWords efforts. Word of caution we are still in the last non direct model so once you do any of the 2 methods revert back to MCF reports in order to see […]

Google Analytics

Target email users using Google AdWords

February 22, 2016

Customer Match – target email users using Google AdWords

In this blog post, we will describe important tips related to the initial set up of email lists in AdWords remarketing. Also, we will show initial results of Customer Match campaign for one of our clients, and the opportunities provided by such targeting.   Customer Match allows you to use […]

Google AdWords

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