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September 20, 2017

Sequence segments in Google Analytics

With segments in Analytics, we can analyze a certain group of users on our website. Segments can help us to get conclusions which we can show to our client in order to help them to make better business decisions. Google Analytics has some predefined segments, for example: Bounced Sessions Mobile […]

Google Analytics

December 9, 2016

Solving Attribution with GA Measurement Protocol Payload Widening

  For starters let’s have Google explain what Measurement Protocol actually is and when it makes sense to use it (explained by Justin Cutroni): As the documentation states Measurement protocol is used for this purpose: Measure user activity in new environments. Tie online to offline behavior. Send data from both the […]

Google Analytics

November 17, 2016

Logging Oversized Enhanced ecommerce Google Analytics hits in Google Sheets

  If you ever worked on a Enhanced Ecommerce implementation project there is a chance you encountered the ‘Payload size is too large (15226).  Max allowed is 8192.’ message which actually means there will be nothing stored in reports. There are some workarounds for this particular issue such as: Splitting […]

Google Analytics

October 28, 2016

DataStudio how to Report Google Analytics MCF and Standard Ecommerce data from Google Sheets

  How to use DataStudio in order to report on Average Days to Purchase or Average Touchpoints to purchase a specific product or category of products based on data collected in Google Analytics? Easy! For the entire setup you only need to have / do: Have access to a Google Analytics […]

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October 13, 2016

Standard vs. Dynamic remarketing

In Google AdWords, remarketing option is available for years. Remarketing helps us reach people who visited your website. Previous visitors can see your ads while surfing the internet (Google Display Network) or while searching on Google (Google Search Network). With dynamic remarketing, you can serve the ads to previous visitors, […]

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