DataStudio how to Report Google Analytics MCF and Standard Ecommerce data from Google Sheets


How to use DataStudio in order to report on Average Days to Purchase or Average Touchpoints to purchase a specific product or category of products based on data collected in Google Analytics? Easy! For the entire setup you only need to have / do:

  1. Have access to a Google Analytics property with Ecommerce implemented
  2. Have access to DataStudio
  3. Read one of the previous articles on how to join MCF report data and Standard report data in Google Sheets

Google Sheets as Data Source

Google Sheets GA plugin extension set and queries prepared as in example:


Reporting Sheet where you do all the join operations:


Once this is set proceed to adding a Data Source inside Data Studio (Google Sheets as Data source):


Select the appropriate file and Sheet (the reporting one) and proceed in adapting the source by formatting the fields as in example:


Note that we only had to edit Aggregation settings to Average and created an additional Calculated Field Metric which basically Averages the Transaction Value based on the Count of Transactions Ids – Formula: Total Conversion Value (MCF) / COUNT(Transaction Id (MCF)).  Proceed to add any desired visualization to the report page – in this example I used Scatter Chart and Simple Scorecard. For example the Scatter Chart uses a simple setup as follows:


The final result was a simple one page dashboard:


The point of the exercise should be to easily push data to DataStudio (from any available source – even ‘offline’) in order to quite simply explore the data and relations of 2 or more variables – who knows something interesting may pop up:)



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October 28, 2016 Google Analytics

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