Gmail ads are now available to everyone

GSP ads (Gmail Sponsored Promotions) are now available on all AdWords accounts. So far, this form of advertising was in Beta version and it was necessary to require Google┬┤s permission for GSP advertising. GSP ads are somewhere between the email and display advertising because the ads are created in display campaigns and show up within the Gmail platform.

Gmail ads

GSP ads appear in email form above received emails within the Promotions tab (Collapsed ad). After clicking on the ad, the user opens an ad that looks like an email (Expanded ad). There are several types of Expanded ads.

GSP ad types

You can choose between four GSP ad types in AdWords Ad Gallery. The first ad template contains only an image ad. The second one contains a photo, title, descriptive content and call-to-action button which leads on a web page with specific offer (Destination URL). The third ad contains more than six products / services, and each of them has the ability to target specific website URLs, special call-to-action button and the title. However, there is no possibility of creating descriptive content. The fourth ad allows the possibility to create your own Expanded ads in JPEG, .JPG, .PNG, .GIF, or .ZIP .SWF format. For each template, there are various specific restrictions in the number of letters and the size of the pictures. For each template, there are distinct limitations in the number of letters and the size of pictures.

Targeting methods of GSP are similar to targeting methods of display campaign. The targeting method can be set based on age, gender, language, geo, device, topics or affinity of users, and keywords or domain targeting. Keywords targeting for GSP works like the broad match in display campaigns. Domain targeting isn’t placement targeting. Domain targeting is based on received emails in Promotions tab, which means that email should contain the target domain. Domains should be placed under the Display keywords targeting because it belongs to contextual targeting.

GSP specific metrics

GSP specific metrics in AdWords are:

  • Gmail clicks to website: Shows clicks within the Expanded ads that link to a web page (ie. Destination URL).
  • Gmail forwards: Shows sent ads as an email to another person.
  • Gmail saves: Shows the number of saved ads in the inbox as a message.

The system of charging per click for GSP ads differs from standard ads. System charges only first click on the ad, but not the rest of clicks, including all arrivals to the website. For instance, if you advertise 6 different products, you will only be charged for the first click on Collapsed ad. If a user decides to click on several different products (ie. Call-to-action button), all arrivals to each landing page are free.

As with all other campaigns, it is recommended that you group targeting in specific ad groups, and also create separate campaigns for GPS advertising, to ensure better control over costs and campaigns optimization.

The biggest advantage of GPS advertising is more space for creative titles, messages, descriptions and possibility of use multiple URLs, pictures, and call-to-action buttons.

If you are interested in setting up and running the GSP (Gmail Sponsored Promotion) campaign, please feel free to contact us.

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