Gmail Sponsored Promotion ads – best way to conversions

GSP ads are somewhere between the email and display advertising because the ads are created in display campaigns and show up within the Gmail platform.

More information about GSP ads can be found in this article. In second part of this post we shall show some results from one of our clients. Interesting about this case is that we started very broad targeting (interests) and then, after some time, we started to optimize.


How do GSP ads look like?

GSP ads appear in email form above received emails within the Promotions tab (Collapsed ad). After clicking on the ad, the user opens an ad that looks like an email (Expanded ad). After clicking on the call-to-action button in the expanded ad, the user is redirected to the landing page.


Collapsed ad example

collapsed ad



Expanded ad example

gsp ad veliki


GSP campaign results

We targeted customers within the GSP campaign based on different interests. For a start, we decided to advertise only one category of the client offers to see how does GSP campaign behave and how profitable it is to advertise through the GSP ads.


podaci - AW


6.91% CTR refers to the number of clicks compared to the number of impressions and do not represent the real CTR. If we calculate the ratio between the number of sessions and the number of impressions we get a 1.15% CTR which is quite high CTR considering that it is still a display campaign (average display campaign CTR is 0.20 – 0.30%).


podaci - analytics


Image above shows a significant difference between the clicks and the sessions. When someone clicks on an AdWords ad, the click is immediately recorded in the AdWords statistics. The Session is recorded only after the user was redirected to the landing page. 17,938 times users clicked on collapsed ad and 2,984 clicks on call-to-action button redirected users to the landing page.

Average cost per click was 2 RSD (0.02 EUR). Search campaign had twice as high cost per click – 4 RSD (0.03 EUR).


analytics gsp blog

We should also keep in mind display campaign’s main purpose – branding. But, the main results were this: 88 transactions, 111,977 RSD revenue and 272% ROI! Those were very good results for this type of AdWords campaigns. Do not forget – Testing different targeting can help finding the best audiences. Separate different targeting in different ad groups for easier control over the ads and cost per click.


Interesi - klikovi


Users who are interested in cooking and beauty generated most of the clicks and conversions.


Interesi - konverzije


Different targeting and more ad variations help in testing the best ad variation and users interest. GSP ads are dynamic and a large number of data is collected in short time. So, in short time you can see whether GSP ads are profitable or not. Also, some advice: to keep users attention, frequent ad change is a must.

Try GSP advertising and find out are they suitable for your business.


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