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If you want to start a new or optimize existing Google AdWords campaign you have found the right partner. Especially if you want to monitor investment performance using Google Analytics system. The only thing we do is to manage and optimize Google AdWords and Analytics system to ‘extract’ the maximum benefit for your investment. You are constantly advised and we optimize investments and efforts to jointly defined objectives.

Investing in Google AdWords today is standard, it is necessary for companies that in part or in whole realize sale over the Internet.

Main benefits of the Google AdWords system:

  • effective control of investment
  • excellent feedback speed (approximately 2h)
  • accurate and measurable market research and customer demands
  • allocation of investment towards goals – usually maximizing the best return on investment (ROI)


Information required before starting Google AdWords Campaign:

  • we summarize the most important thing in the article Google Adwords beginning
  • client rights – a document about discovery (English version)
  • the range of products and services
  • description of your customers
  • access to Google Analytics and AdWords accounts (if are already open)
  • financial opportunities
  • bbjectives (increase in traffic, increase in revenue, reduce click price, market research)


The service includes:

  • Initial research and consulting
  • Starting structured campaign towards advertising networks
  • Preparation and entry of efficient ad
  • Campaign optimization against defined goals
  • Basic instructions for system operating for the client
  • The inclusion of any client request for a change in campaign. All requests received up to 12: 00h will be executed on the same day. Requests submitted after 12: 00h will be included in the campaign by the end of the next day, except in exceptional cases (large scope of intervention) on which the client will be notified separately
  • Enabling access to your account and creation and delivery of monthly (or by special request and for a fee, weekly reports) on the success of internet marketing campaigns. Each client has that right regardless of who he is working with (Document on discovery – Google)!


Price of Google AdWords services:

  • Setting up Google Adwords campaigns – one-time fee for preparing and setting up Google AdWords campaigns – from 325
  • Management of Google AdWords campaign – payment on a monthly basis – includes optimization and campaign management – from 250€ + 10% monthly budget
  • Audit / revision of existing Google AdWords campaigns – the price is formed after the initial check of your AdWords account.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The account is treated as if it is your property and at any moment you can assume ownership or assign someone else (of course if you pay us all committed costs).

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