Google Analytics

Google Analytics – The tool for tracking website, online store, booking service or even your mobile application performance in great detail

Google Analytics is a free tool that enables quality user and performance monitoring of web pages, online shops or mobile applications. Installation is very simple and reporting capabilities huge.

If you want to know about …

  • Your Audience – your visitor specifics ranging from location, age group, technical specifications
  • Acquisition efforts – how your site acquires visitors fine grained and grouped to channels or specific keywords
  • Behaviour – what to visitors actually do while on your site – entrances, exits,
  • Which parts of the site are of good quality and which are not
  • How pages or even individual keyword brings revenue
  • Advanced information on the effectiveness of internet marketing
  • Profit per channel promotions

…and so much more.

What can we do for you and your business?

We help you plan and execute the entire measurement process focusing on the important numbers which actually drive your business. The entire process is divided into 4 specific stages as follows:

Google Analytics Planning

What do you want to measure and what we can measure. In most cases your business is unique and as such requires specific information to help you decide how to move forward – meaningful info which drives action. Simply put we help you define numbers which tell you if any of the actions you do online have resulted in success and of course tell you what to do next.

Google Analytics Implementation

A technical part of creating the measurement platform which deals with documenting all required operations your developers need to work on. Whatever was decided as important – you need to and we can track it – is delivered as a detailed guide.


Once all data is collected inside Google Analytics and all data is processed just the way you want it there is usually a need to receive the results in a timely and  


Features and services

Google Analytics Audit
Case: You already have Google Analytics implemented

This service is for you if:

  1. You do not trust the data collected
  2. You want to see if there are any missed opportunities (something not tracked at all or just partially tracked)


E-Commerce tracking

Case: You own and operate an online store and want more detailed information on the store performance

A complete process as a service to implement e-commerce features into your Google Analytics implementation.


Goals and funnels
Case: You have defined a series of user activities on your site which you want to tie to acquisition / traffic channels 

The service includes setting up Google Analytics admin section as well as any required code adaptation examples.


Custom requirements
Case: You just want more from Your Analytics solution

The service includes a complete business / project analysis with detailed explanation on hot to enrich data collection and reporting. If You need Custom dimensions, metrics, Content grouping, Channel grouping, Multichannel funnel analysis, UserId overview (cross device tracking), Enhanced ecommerce, data import – this is definitely for You.

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