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Six months ago, Google introduced dynamic snippets as automated ad extension that displays the categories based on the content of landing page that match the user’s query. Because advertisers couldn’t affect what the dynamic snippet showed, Google has now introduced a new extension that gives the option of choosing specific characteristics of products or services that will be shown within the ad. This extension is called structured snippets.

example of ad with snippets

Structured snippets can help improve the CTR, and as such are indispensable in AdWords campaigns.


How to create structured snippet?

This extension can be found under the tab ‘Ad extensions’ in the drop-down menu ‘View’ as ‘Structured snippet extensions’. Structured snippet can be created on three levels – account – campaign – ad group, and the advantage of displaying has lower compared to higher level.

creation of snippet


When creating a new structured snippet, first thing you need to do is to choose one of 12 pre-defined headers:

  •   Amenities – facilities included with the product or service
  •   Brands – brands from the range of products
  •   Courses – list of courses and lectures
  •   Degree programs – programs for the acquisition of knowledge
  •   Destinations – destinations where product or service is
  •   Featured Hotels – hotels involved in a particular offer
  •   Insurance coverage – outcomes covered by insurance
  •   Neighborhoods – specific city or district in which company operates
  •   Service catalog – a list of services offered by the company
  •   Shows – plays, films, exhibitions, etc.
  •   Styles – styles of products or services
  •   Types – general header that can be used for companies whose business do not meet the headers listed above.


Choose those headers which can highlight the best features of the product or service. AdWords offers 3 examples for each header. Once you decide which header you are going to use, it is necessary to fill ‘value’ fields with categories or characteristics for which you have 25 characters. Fill at least 3 categories, while the maximum number of ‘value’ fields is 10.

value fields (categories)

When displayed with ads, minimum one category can be shown (advantage have categories in order of entry in the value field). The maximum number of categories shown depends on the number of category characters, and the size of the screen on which the ad is displayed.

Other possibilities when creating new structured snippets are choosing a mobile phone as a preferred device, setting start and end date for each snippet and making schedule for snippet displaying.


Snippets’ impact on ad performance

Structured snippets are one of the factors when calculating Ad rank. Results shown for the snippets are actually results of ads that snippet were displayed with, since they aren’t clickable.

These extensions were added to the client’s campaigns to see their influence on the ad performance. In one account ads were shown 12,939 times, along with the 8.29% CTR.

total results of the campaign

From the total number of impressions, ads with snippets were displayed  2,253 times, and in these case ads have achieved 11.41 CTR%.

results of ads that appeared with snippets

Based on the results, conclusion is that snippets have an impact on increasing the CTR of ads with which they are presented. In this case we are talking about 37.64% increase of CTR (note that the overall CTR includes CTR of ads displayed with snippets, so CTR of ads shown without snippets is lower than shown).

The reason for higher CTR on the ads with snippets probably lies in the additional information about products and services shown in snippets (also, the ad looks “bigger”) that encourage users to click on the ad to find out more.


The latest news coming from Google is that from now on two lines of structured snippets can be shown with the ad. So, best thing to do is to create a larger number of snippets 😉

2 snippets in one ad


As the structured snippets can be displayed along with other extensions make sure that you don’t repeat the same information in different extensions. Add structured snippet to your campaigns and use those characteristics (information) that are the most important for customers.

For additional explanation and instructions for creating of snippets you can watch video shown below:

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January 13, 2016 Google AdWords


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