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Yandex, the search engine, ranks first among all search engines in Russia with 60% of market. Also, around 60% of all people in Russia use internet, or around 85 million people, which is why Yandex as a sales channel is very important for any business that wants to advertise in Russia.

Except Russia, Yandex is also widely used in Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey and Kazakhstan.

Yandex has its own PPC platform called Yandex Direct. Advertising is separated between advertising on its search engine (search advertising) and advertising on web portals and other Web sites that are part of their network – YAN (yandex advertising network).

Some of the most popular services in Russia, such as Mozilla Mail, Yandex Maps and Google News are also delivering Yandex ads.

Information required before starting Yandex Direct campaign:

  • Main goal
  • Budget for advertising on Yandex Direct
  • Expected duration of advertising
  • Description of your customers
  • Description of your business in no more than 90 characters
  • Access to Google Analytics or any other installed statistical service
  • Objectives (increase in traffic, increase in revenue, reduce click price, market research)


The service includes:

  • Initial research
  • Making of campaign(s)
  • Preparation of textual ads
  • Campaign optimization for defined goals
  • Basic instructions for system operating for the client
  • Creation and delivery of monthly (or by special request and for a fee, weekly reports) on the success of internet marketing campaigns.


Price of Yandex Direct services:

  • Setting up Yandex Direct campaigns – one-time fee for preparing and setting up campaigns – from 325€
  • Management of Yandex Direct campaign – payment on a monthly basis – includes optimization and campaign management – from 250€ + 10% monthly budget


IMPORTANT NOTE: please check what is allowed & what is not allowed to be advertised here

The inclusion of any client request for a change in campaign – All requests received up to 12:00h CEST will be executed on the same day. Requests submitted after 12:00h CEST will be included in the campaign by the end of the next day, except in exceptional cases (large scope of intervention) on which the client will be notified separately.

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